Ben Taylor

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James Taylor and Carly Simon had a son, his name was Ben Taylor.

Why did I not know about this earlier?

You’re welcome.


Gucci Goes Green with Glasses

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Launching in August, Gucci will be releasing their new line of glasses made mostly from castor oil seeds and special acetate. These two ingredients will be taking the place of earth-polluting traditional plastic. This will decrease CO2 emissions by a TON.

The designers at Gucci are collaborating with “eyewear giant” Safilo (yeah, the guys who hold the rights to the Marc Jacobs, YSL, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen frames). There will be different male and a female selections, as well as different colors and shades. It gets better; the packaging? Also eco-friendly!

Can’t wait. What do you think?

With Grace & Gratitude,

Ariel Johnson-Carroll

Urban Bread, yum

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Packed full of pastries and breads, this magnificent little bakery/coffee shop/brunch place is one of my favorite places to get snacks. The bagels are fantastic, and forget about cream cheese – get it with the veggie spread! Day old baked goods for $3? Yes please. This place is just full of treasures, so check em out at 18th and Sanchez, across from the fabulous Samovar Tea Lounge!



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I absolutely cannot get enough of Hollow. Located on Irving and 15th in the Inner Sunset, this little cafe is packed full of Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes, espresso drinks, and small nick-nacks for sale. Go here immediately, but I warn you – you will soon become addicted.


Canada College Fashion Show 2011: Some Like It Haute

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A small collection of my personal favorite styles from the show.

Both of these garments were inspired by the current exhibit at the Legion of Honor; Pulp Fashion: The Art of Isabelle de Borchgrave. Both of these garments are created using paper or recycled paper products.

These were some of my favorite looks from the “Some Like It Haute” Canada Fashion Show 2011. It was the third annual show featuring beginning designers from all over the Bay Area.

Gettin’ into Trouble; a Love Letter

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Dear Trouble Coffee Co.,

On a cold and dreary day in the outer sunset, I find myself craving you and your coffee. Your delicious, perfect, cappuccinos. I love the sweet cookies and cinnamon toast that I always gobble up in 30 seconds or less. I swear, if you were a man, you’d be a combo of Johnny Depp’s face, Ryan Gosling’s beard, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s style. You make me happy on a rainy day and even happier on a sunny one. Xoxoxo


Yours Truely…

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How do you live given the certainty of death?

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