Recycling Sneakers: Civic Duty

February 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

San Francisco is full of hills to climb, roads to bike, and Muni buses to run after. Thus, vintage clothing shops and little hole-in-the-wall places have taken advantage of overpricing sneakers and shoes. TOMS has created quite an amazing system of shoe design; once a pair of shoes is purchased for $40-$60, a second is donated to a child in need in Argentina and other various countries. But TOMS is not the only company that has such an innovative design…

Civic Duty is a brand new company, developed in 2009, that uses recycled Tyvek®, since the material is waterproof, lightweight,  and nearly indestructable. (Yeah, it is that stuff people mail valuable documents in.) Usually people would be wary to try eco-friendly brands since the thought is that they will not work out as well, but these sneakers are incredibly better than anything you can find in SF for the same amount.

Civic Duty Shoes, designed in 2010 benefitting Common Ground Relief

The shoes can be recycled over and over and still come out looking cool with natural dyes and glues. Since the dyes are natural and environmentally friendly, they will fade and get that perfect “vintage” look.

You can buy them online.

Civic Duty Shoes, 2010

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