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I absolutely cannot get enough of Hollow. Located on Irving and 15th in the Inner Sunset, this little cafe is packed full of Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes, espresso drinks, and small nick-nacks for sale. Go here immediately, but I warn you – you will soon become addicted.



Gettin’ into Trouble; a Love Letter

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Dear Trouble Coffee Co.,

On a cold and dreary day in the outer sunset, I find myself craving you and your coffee. Your delicious, perfect, cappuccinos. I love the sweet cookies and cinnamon toast that I always gobble up in 30 seconds or less. I swear, if you were a man, you’d be a combo of Johnny Depp’s face, Ryan Gosling’s beard, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s style. You make me happy on a rainy day and even happier on a sunny one. Xoxoxo


Yours Truely…

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