Urban Bread, yum

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Packed full of pastries and breads, this magnificent little bakery/coffee shop/brunch place is one of my favorite places to get snacks. The bagels are fantastic, and forget about cream cheese – get it with the veggie spread! Day old baked goods for $3? Yes please. This place is just full of treasures, so check em out at 18th and Sanchez, across from the fabulous Samovar Tea Lounge!




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Mmmm so delicious! If Outerlands were a fairytale, it’d be full of tasty treats, caloric garlic bread, cozy-romantic lighting, and immeasurable treasures. Oh wait, it already is, perfect. Outerlands, nestled between the beach and the outer sunset, is known as “a gathering place for sea goers who seek warmth”. How quaint. I absolutely loved the soup, desserts, and bread last time I went. It was raining, I was sick sick sick, and this meal did amazing for my health, mental and physical!

Next time you want the perfect, slightly overpriced, impressive lunch or dinner, stop into Outerlands and enjoi.

Oh my, Frenchie!

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Cafe De La Presse, oh god. A friend of mine insisted on showing this place to me and I’m overly glad he did! The French atmosphere, cuisine, and decor had me… screaming for more. I truely didn’t want to leave, and it reminded me of being back in Nice, France. We started our meals off with some escargot and drinks, followed by some amazing pizza-like concoction. Don’t ask me what it was, because I don’t know. All I know is that is tasted like heaven on crust.

Don’t think I forgot about dessert though, you must not know me well enough…

Can you say yummy? This picture of the hazelnut, strawberry, and citrus macaroons say enough.

Go to their website.

Don’t miss going here on your next visit to the FiDi.

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